Getting Help

The Fairfield Interfaith food pantry is happy to serve the community members of Fairfield and Benton. If you and your family are in need for a month or longer, we are here to help you out in your time of need! When you visit the first time please bring a bill with you proving your residency to the town of Fairfield or Benton.

volunteers setting up the pantry title= volunteers volunteers

Calendar - our pantry will service you on these days of 2020:

January - 2nd and 16th

  • February - 6th and 20th
  • March - 5th and 19th
  • April - 2nd and 16th
  • May - 7th and 21st
  • June - 4th and 18th
  • July - 2nd and 16th
  • August - 6th and 20th
  • September - 3rd and 17th
  • October - 1st and 5th
  • November - 5th and 19th
  • December - 3rd and 17th



9:00a.m. -12:00 p.m.