The Fairfield Interfaith Food Pantry was started in 1993 in a small school office in the old Immaculate Heart of Mary School Building. In 2011 the school was closed and the pantry was forced to relocate. We were extremely grateful for a temporary location at the Baptist Church, and then in 2012 the Town of Fairfield acquired land and a building for us, but it needed lots of work and renovation. After two years of fund raising, hard work, and prayers the new pantry was ready for opening. With the renovation and opening of the new building a dream of many people has finally come to fruition.

Statistics from last year


Laura Hayward - President

  • Joyce Perkins - Vice President
  • Pastor Gary York - Secretary
  • Barbara Pouliot - Treasurer
  • Nancy Marcoux - Director
  • Rose Adams - Co-Director

the old building:

old building

The New Building:

new building

Prayer before each service:

Praying before each pantry
Embrace us, Dear Lord, as we prepare the use of our talents and gifts to nourish and serve Your people.
Touch us with Your grace and spirit that we may cultivate the dignity in each person encountered in this mission.
Enlighten our minds, refresh our bodies and preserve our humor.
Perpetuate our love and respect for each other as an example of our faith in You and what can be accomplished in Your Name.  Amen

Composed by Barbara Pouliot
January 20, 1997

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